Date: May.12 to May.14, 2014
Venue: Shanghai International Merchandising Exhibition Center (No.35, Zhongjiang Road)


In July 2013 the State Council officially approved the establishment of China (Shanghai) free trade test area. Approval of Shanghai Free Trade Zone means that China's reform and opening up has entered a new historical stage. It’s a higher level of openness following China's accession to the WTO; it is far beyond Special Administrative Region and New Developing Region to get favorable policy. Exploring the openness of elemental market, clarifying government boundaries and administrative deregulation becomes the new engine of Upgrading Version of China Economy. The vibrant China retail industry is one of the world's fastest growing retail markets in the world. The set-up of Shanghai Free Trade Zone will help to enhance regional economic vitality and boost regional economic growth, and the retail industry and related service industries can benefit directly.

As one of the most important 3rd industry, China's retail industry connects closely with the national economy and people's lives. Domestic society consumption growth has made its due contribution to the growth of the national economy. But in recent years there are indications that the commercial era dominated by retail industry, in which the supply is in short or with the background of seller’s market and super profits, has come to an end. China has entered a buyer's market and an era with fewer margins. The most serious problem facing the retail business is how to survive and develop in the severe competition.

History Review

Introduction of Exhibitors: 18th Shanghai Retail Expo was successfully held on May 30, 2013 at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center. The exhibition covers commercial facilities, business automation, commercial space design and display supplies and enterprises from 27 countries have participated. Overseas visitors are from Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, South Korea, Israel, Russia, Taiwan and Hong Kong area. Hundreds of new commercial facilities and equipment are available for any buyers for purchasing.

Audience: As the largest retail trade fair in China, CRE has been a national retail industry leader. By analyzing the audience in 2013 show, the total registered visitors are 13,896 people, an increase of 9.5% over last year, of which 13,228 are from China, 668 people from other countries and regions. Commercial display products business accounted for 29%, commercial space design 21%, commercial IT19%, commercial facilities and equipment 17%, another 14%. Understanding products and technologies for procurement accounts for 25%, purchasing products 20%, seeking cooperation opportunities at home and abroad 19%, gathering market information 18%, visiting enterprises in the industry 8%, evaluating exhibitions 5%, selling products 3% and Others 2 %.

General Introduction

Hu Xin Bao Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


19th Shanghai Retail Expo 2014, based in Shanghai, serves the east China and covers the whole China. It focuses on products demonstration, serves the present and potential clients, expands the market comprehensively and supplies appropriate signs to meet customer needs.

Retail industry development forum is to be held at the same time with CRE, retail giants from Shanghai, relevant industry leaders, business representatives are invited to participate the meeting to discuss the hot and hard issues in retail industry and share experiences to promote its development.

Shanghai CRE is one of the most mature brand exhibitions and has been successfully held for eighteen times. It has a mature show publicity planning program, and the number of visitors grows at an average speed of 31.9%, and exhibition area grows at 38% per year.

Extensively cooperating with foreign medias, it makes businesses and consumers at home and abroad understand this year’s CRE through special promotional programs, press conferences, special promotion, direct mail letters and e-mail, etc.

Combining the strengths of dozens of newspaper medias, relevant websites and magazines, as well as the utmost support of the relevant authorities, support of potential customers, CRE 2014 will definitely provide a high-end retail feast to retail businesses.

Exhibition Contents

Store Facility and Equipment Related to All the Retail Industry

  • Market goods shelf, shopping trolley, market basket, cashier desk, goods display equipment, display equipment
  • Commercial storage logistics equipment, refrigeration and frozen goods transporting equipment, refrigeration and frozen goods display equipment, market professional refrigerator, business cold chain 
  • Kitchen equipment, bakery equipment, food fresh keeping equipment
  • Product packaging equipment, electronic weighing equipment, automatic bag-storage cupboard
  • Market maintenance cleaning materials, cleaning equipment and supplies

Commercial Space Design, Display Supplies and POP Products

  • Store design and decoration, commercial display design, clothes display, commercial shop-window exhibition design, brand image design, sales market design, sales promotion advertisement design, marketing promotion technology and brand promotion activity planning, exhibition booth design and decoration, market total solution
  • Commercial space lighting, store lighting equipment, lighting of showcase and shop-window
  • Goods exhibition equipment and display facility, commercial exhibition shelf, various kinds of exhibition and display supplies
  • Visual display, sales promotion, POP marketing products, digital identity, scutcheon, direction sign, interactive media, digitalized market

Commercial Anti-theft System and IT Technology

  • Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft technology, loss prevention technology, electronic articles monitoring system, bar code terminal equipment
  • Commercial retail safety system: entrance guard, monitoring, warning system, intelligent channel, client split-flow guidance, inlet and outlet machine, brake gate and so on.
  • Electronic payment system: POS retail terminal, electronic cash register, notes printer, electronic order system, cashier settlement system, electronic transfer system, mobile payment terminal equipment
  • Commercial network information technology and operation management system, storage and order management system, passenger flow volume statistical system, products logistics management system, multi-media shopping guide system, on-line shopping technology, various kinds of commercial management system and software
  • Retail industry information technology, automobile identification equipment and technology, goods machine and IT equipment
  • Commercial self-help terminal technology and product, commercial self-service terminal, public service self-help terminal system, inquiry touch screen, self-help terminal software

Retail Chain Enterprise

Chain supermarket, shopping center, emporium, appliance and home furnishing chain enterprise, city complex, commercial property developer, chain brand store, exclusive shop and so on.


  • Summit and professional seminars held same time with 2014 19th CRE will focus on retail IT technology, commercial facilities, shopping centers and commercial space design. Theme pavilions will be set up accordingly to discuss industry hot topics, explore effective solutions and promote cooperation between retailers and suppliers through showing, matchmaking, special visits, seminars, and other forms of high-end dialogues.
  • To enhance the convenience of customer shopping, advanced ICT technologies is set up on site to give customers a new shopping experience to achieve functions of customer mall shops navigation, searching car parking and precision marketing. Then customers can enjoy one-stop information technology solutions when shopping.
  • CRE will invite senior retail giants to analyze the pulse of the retail on site, share successful experience, as well as rich experience in cutting-edge technology products and site promotion.
  • In recent years, China's economy continued to grow rapidly, and retail industry kept expands. As China's fastest growing cosmopolitan city, Shanghai attracts worldwide attention. Shanghai Retail Industry Expo expands too due to the participation of many brands. To better meet the needs of the exhibitors, 19th Shanghai Retail Expo 2014 will move to Shanghai International Merchandising Exhibition Center. The new exhibition hall has more specialized facilities and ample display space and it will provide a more ideal platform for vigorous development for the retail industry. The new exhibition center is bound to bring another leap forward, and will also bring more new experiences and opportunities for customers.

Benefits of being an exhibitor

  • Demonstrate corporate brand image: In Shanghai Retail Expo, you can compete against exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions to showcase your excellent products, especially for the Chinese retail market, which can reduce your marketing costs directly.
  • Full access to the target customers: Based on the success of the past shows, potential visitors has reached more than 30,000, of which the proportion of overseas exhibitors audience takes up as much as 12%, and 80% professional visitors and procurement buyers will list CRE in the annual procurement programs.
  • Expand business channels: Exhibitors can collect a large number of customer data through the exhibition to use in the late follow-up. While for domestic exhibitors, you can quickly obtain new foreign products, select the project for cooperation. And foreign exhibitors can learn Chinese market quickly and effectively to get valuable first-hand information for entering China market.
  • Audience resources: With quality audience of many years, CRE cooperate with a number of large media sites to provide a high-end retail industry feast for the audience from shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, commercial real estate, and hotels, food and logistics industry.

Participation Procedures (Please obtain application form, advertisement price list and sponsorship programs from the organizing committee.)

    • Fill the application form and mail or fax it to the organizer.
    • Pay 50% (advance) or the full amount to the organizer within two days of tendering the application. And the balance needs to be paid off by March 12, 2014, and invoice will be issued after payment is made fully.
    • For applicators tender the form on March 12, 2014, the full payment needs to be made on that day.
    • Principal of booth assignment: first apply, first pay, first get. The organizer reserves the right of adjusting the booth arrangement due to the overall layout.
    • When 50% advance payment is made, the booth is reserved.
    • When the organizer receives booth application and payment, the exhibitor manual is to be delivered by April.12, 2014.
    • If the exhibition can not be held as planned due to force majeure, the organizer does not bear any resulting legal financial responsibility.

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